Reply To: The Knowledge Observatory


David Galvin

The Liverpool AS are in full support of the Knowledge Observatory and we are pleased that more astronomy options are now available to the North West.
We are in regular contact with Andrew and Sue and are pleased that the Runcorn and Wirral Astronomical (R.W.A.S) Society had there first official meeting earlier this week. Looks like the coming year(s) are going to be busy :-)
I am not sure how many of the Liverpool A.S have signed up for the course but I have certainly annouced it to the membership. We should remember that it is okay to be a member of any number of clubs that we are happy with. The Liverpool A.S has members from Chester A.S, for example and several of us are joint members of the B.A.A, R.A.S and the Astronomy Centre (Bacup). We have very close ties with Manchester A.S and Salford A.S too. It is great to sharwe astronomy, show groups what we do and learn from others.
Regards from Dave Galvin.