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john Crockatt
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I wonder who made the extraordinary statement that Sir Patrick was the Brian Cox of black and white TV. This implies that Sir Patrick introduced astronomy on black and white, but Cox did the same on colour TV. As one who was born three years before Sir Patrick, may I enter a protest on his behalf. Let’s look at the facts. Sir Patrick introduced Sky at Night in black and white 55 years ago. In 1967 colour TV transmissions started in this country so from that year Sir Patrick did Sky at Night in colour.

Brian Cox was born in 1968, so Sir Patrick was presenting Sky at Night in colour before Prof Cox was born. How long has Cox been on TV? 5 years?

We need to wait another 40 years before we can try to compare the contributions made by these two men. As Sir Patrick sometimes said ” I won’t be here to see it” , but I hope some of our younger members will still be around in 2052, and they will be able to judge which of the two was the greater man. I know who I would bet on.