Reply To: Twitter feed Eclipse image from ISS???


Mark Galvin

Hi Brian,
Yep, you’re right! It’s a software rendering which was produced last year. I’ll remove it from our Twitter feed shortly.
Here’s an article about the image

It was actually me who ‘re-tweeted’ it after somebody else tweeted it – I should have double-checked and added the note that it wasn’t real but I’d been awake for 34 hours solid and the memory gets a bit wobbly by that point! :-)

When you say can we do anything about it, we can for our own Twitter feed, but the best we can do other than that is just let the person who tweeted it in the first place ( @barickiza ) know the true origin of it.

Twitter is full of a lot of rubbish, yes, but it’s also got a lot of great info on and is very handy for keeping in touch with people.

My apologies for the blip in quality last night,

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