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    i’m a member of the LAS and looking for a housemate.
    Preferably a mid twenties astronomy nut like myself would be the perfect candidate. must be hygienic and tidy. your room can be as messy as you like <img src=” title=”Smiley” />
    my last housemate literally used a towel to wipe up pee in the bathroom and put it back on the rack for someone else to use. and left mouldy dishes! so you get where i’m coming from.

    i’m pete (29yrs) and I work on TV and film as a sound engineer. very easy going and love outdoors, i.e kayaking, astronomy etc..
    Mike (28yrs – the other housemate) is a top bloke, works at carphone and loves playing guitar and a life long friend of mine.

    decent sized double room for rent in a very nice 4 bed detached house. huge conservatory, big kitchen, driveway, garage (although theres a boat on the drive at the moment as a fix up project), nice bathroom (shared by you and mike)

    Gas and Electricity is billed separately every quarter and shared equally between all three of us. Not sure how much this will be but the last house i shared was no more than£50 each per month during winter but this house is bigger so i would expect bills to be slightly higher than a smaller house.

    included in the monthly rent:
    + Rent
    + Council tax
    + Water
    + Sky TV downstairs
    + wifi

    Editors note: Telephone number removed


    David Galvin

    Hi Pete, I am not sure about this being up on the forum even though it does have a tenous link to astronomy, just :-)).
    I will leave it up until Friday and then remove it. You never know maybe some  astro minded buddy will be in touch.
    Hope I am being fare.
    P.S I will have to say no to  Lonely Hearts ads though. :-)

    Regards from Dave.


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    haha fair enough. cheers


    David Galvin

    Cheers Pete :-)

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