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    could anyone tell me the best barlow lens i could purchase and at what magnification would be best for my telescope. i have a meade 125 etx at with the basic 26 mm eye piece. I have had my my telescope now for a good six months and have seen jupiter ,mars ,venus, saturn etc in ok detail , but iam desperate to see the night sky in all its glory with a better lens, now with the hopefully clear summer skies. p.s. iam just a beginner so all information and advice would be gratefully appreciated. thank you.


    Brendan Martin

    Hi Gary, I would recommend a 2x barlow, buit for the price of a good barlow you could purchase some higher mag eyepieces
    I would suggest the best course of action would to bring your scope up to Pex Hill one clear Wednesday and try out various eyepieces and barlows and see what suits best.


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    Hi Gary,
    Brendan is right,try to get up there and try different eyepieces and barlows.

    I found with the ETX 125, Meade’s own 9.7mm was a useful eyepiece. I also used a Revelation 2x barlow. Don’t forget that the more magification you use the less light you gather and so image quality is lost.

    The ETX is best used with low power as the images are sharp. Hope this helps.

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