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    hi i am trying to find a club for my daughter who is very interested in astronomy. i have not got a clue were to start. please help
    thanks :o


    Brendan Martin

    Hi Joann, I don’t actually know of any clubs for young astronomers but we do encourage young people to join our society, we have a small junior membership which we are activeley trying to increase. The age at which you can become a member has just been lowered to 10. We are looking into having an evening at Pex Hill just for junior members in the near future if we get enough members. Membership is £5 annually. I would recommend that you pop into Pex Hill one Wednesday evening where we could show yourself and your daughter around and have a chat, we are open to the public every Wednesday from 7-0-clock in the evening or come to one of our sidewalk events, there is one on Friday at Stadt Moers park in Huyton. Even if your daughter is younger than 10 you are still more than welcome to bring her along to Pex Hill.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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