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    Paul James
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    Hi im Paul,

    I am just curious at the moment, I have only ever looked at stars with the naked eye and found myself interested in what the star formations are. Then reading throw the forum I realised there is allot more than just star formations to look at if you have the right equipment. What would be a good starting point equipment wise to see if I do enjoy astronomy and star gazing or just staring at the sky? Any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance.


    Brendan Martin

    Hi Paul, the best thing after your eyes is a pair of binoculars, just a pair of 10×50 will suffice, at least then they can be used during the daytime as well. If you are able I would suggest coming to our Observatory one clear Wednesday and have a look through some telescopes or come along to one of our sidewalk events (none now until October 2012) before you spend on a telescope.


    Paul James
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    Thanks for the help. mMite just take you up on the offer and pop down and see whats it all about.

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