The Liverpool Astronomical Society

“SIC ITUR AD ASTRA” (Thus The Way To The Stars)

The Society’s aims are the same as when it was formed in 1881:

To promote the science of Astronomy primarily in Liverpool and the neighbourhood thereof

Registered as a Charitable Educational Trust – No 519955.

Gerard Gilliga and Allan Chapman - 24th February 2017
At our February 2017 lecture we welcomed an old friend in Professor Allan Chapman, who gave us his talk on “The Ferret of Comets; Charles Messier and astronomy in 18th century France.”
As usual Allan delivered an entertaining, informative and inspiring talk. The audience of approximately 90 people showed their appreciation with an extended applause afterwards.
“As always, it was a great pleasure to come up to the LAS and to speak. I was delighted to get such a large and appreciative audience”; Allan Chapman