Out Of Date Links From The Old Website

Please note: The links on this page are those remaining which no longer had valid URLs from the archive of our old website. You should always use the Links page on the main menu for the current list of links

If you know of the new URLs for any of the pages below, please let us know in the Forums or in the comments at the bottom of this page so we can update them. Likewise, if the pages have no current equivalent (e.g. an astronomical society which no longer exists) let us know so we can remove it from the list below.

Last links added: June 27th 2002

  • Local U.K. Astronomical Society Web Sites

Abington Astronomical Society
Astronomical Societies in Wales
Bath Astrosoc – University of Bath Astronomical Society

DERA Astronomical Society. (Farnborough, Hampshire)
Devon Astronomical Association
Exeter Astronomical Society
Furness Astronomical Society
Hartlepool Astronomical Society
Leicester University Astronomy Society.
Llandrillo College And Coastal Astronomy Society.(North Wales)
Maidstone Astronomical Society.
Pendle Astronomical Society. (East Lancashire).
Welsh Border Astronomers

West Midlands Federation of Astronomical Societies.

  • National U.K. Astronomical Web Sites

UK Amateur Astronomy Pages Many more sites.
EARTH and SKY – Supplier of new astronomy books.
The Salopian Web. Many Other Astro Web Links Here.

  • International Astronomical Web Sites

NASA’s Life on Mars Homepage.
The International Supernova Network.(Italy)
IAU Meteor Pages
Notilucent Cloud WWW page.
The Lure of Lunar Domes, by George Rosenberg.
Searching for Extrasolar Planets.
Chuck Vaughn’s Astronomy Page.
Richard Evans’s Lunar Home Page.
Mel Bartels HomePage.
Mike McCall’s Amateur Astronomy Online.
Dan Murray’s Astronomy Page.
Izzy’s Skylog Page (Ken White).
The Science of Astronomy Home Page.
The Millenium Star Atlas S&T.

  • U.K. University Astronomy Groups

The University of Bradford.
The University of Leeds.
The University of Manchester.
The Open University.
The University of Southampton.
The University of Wales Swansea.
UMIST – Manchester.

  • Astronomy

BBC World Service Radio Seeing Stars program, presented by Robin Scagell.

National Space Agencies.

More Space Agencies

SpaceCraft HomePages

  • Manned SpaceFlight.

The Next Space Shuttle Mission Press kit Here.
NASA’s Shuttle/Mir Link-up