About Young Astronomers’ Days

Dave Owen with a telescope at the first Young Astronomers' Day, held at Liverpool Museum in March 1988

The First Young Astronomers Day, held at Liverpool Museum in March 1988

Liverpool Astronomical Society have staged Young Astronomer Days or YADs since March 1988.

The meetings are aimed at children aged 8 to 17 years old who would like to known more about the Universe around them. YAD’s are held at the Liverpool Astronomical Society Pex Hill Observatory, Cronton or other venues several times a year.

The YAD’s are held during day & evening between 2-7pm and have a main theme, such as The Sun, inner planets, outer planets, galaxies and spaceflight, etc. on which events are staged.

The above images show the first YAD held at Liverpool Museum – March 1988,