Two new features to make the LAS website better for you

On each article you will now find that there are a couple of new features, and a change to an existing one:

Changed features


Restrictions on commenting have been relaxed – you still need to be registered, but you no longer need to enter a Captcha (those awkward things with wavy lines and squiggles that only humans are supposed to be able to read) in order to post a comment.

You can also reply to other comments, rather than to the article itself, by clicking “Reply to this comment” – on doing this, the comment entry box switches automatically to reply to the comment in which you clicked the link.

Newly added features

Social media sharing buttons

These buttons can be found at the top of each article, and will allow you to easily share the post you are viewing on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Related posts

At the bottom of most articles you will now find a list of other articles on the LAS website which may be of interest to you.

We hope you find these features useful.