Articles from old LAS Newsletters

We are happy to announce that we have begun to add some articles from old LAS Newsletters (aka News Circulars). You can view a list (which will be updated as the articles are posted) by clicking here.

Since the Newsletter is a paid-subscription service, in order to keep things fair for those who subscribe, there will not be any articles published from the previous 12 months except in the following circumstances, where “current” equals the last year:

  1. The article was written for the website, but published later in a current Newsletter.
  2. The article was always intended for both the LAS website and the Newsletter.
  3. The article is in a current Newsletter, but for a specific reason has been chosen for the website, possibly in an abridged form if appropriate. These types of articles will be fully discussed to ensure that they are necessary.

You may notice articles with old dates appearing in the “Recently Posted/Updated Articles” section of the homepage – this is because these articles will be dated with their original dates, rather than the date they were actually republished on the website, since certain aspects of scientific fact or belief may no longer be true (e.g. estimated age of the universe has changed in the last few years). We felt it was important that such articles be viewed in the correct context.

We may have to perform some minor reformatting due to the differences between A4 printed sheets and the web, but the content will be transcribed as closely as possible.

It should be noted that old LAS Newsletters have been available to non-Newsletter-subscribers, generally as PDFs, however we hope that by incorporating the articles from them into the LAS website they will reach a wider audience.