Astronomy and Space News Roundup: 5th May 2013 to 13th May 2013

The Sun may have finally realised it’s late for this cycle’s maxima, speculation that Hydrogen and dark matter are skulking together in the void between galaxies, and an emergency spacewalk to stop the ISS from losing its cool(ant).

Date Title/Link Source Submitted by
6th May 2013 Landsat Thermal Sensor Lights Up from Volcano’s Heat NASA Website Mark Galvin
7th May 2013 Brian Cox urges BBC to do more to educate viewers The Guardian Mark Galvin
7th May 2013 Thousands of astronauts enter race to take part in ’1,000-day mission to Mars’ as NASA says red planet is ’top priority’ Daily Mail Ken Clarke
7th May 2013 New satellite sail is propelled by solar protons New Scientist Mark Galvin
8th May 2013 Astronomers Discover Surprising Clutch of Hydrogen Clouds Lurking among Our Galactic Neighbors National Radio Astronomy Observatory (USA) Mark Galvin
8th May 2013 First biological evidence of a supernova Technische Universitaet Muenchen Mark Galvin
9th May 2013 Green meteor streaks across the country Daily Telegraph Ken Clarke
9th May 2013 Hubble finds dead stars polluted with planetary debris Royal Astronomical Society Mark Galvin
9th May 2013 Meteorite crater reveals future of a globally warmed world The Guardian Ken Clarke
9th May 2013 Rockets release vapour clouds in atmosphere for wind experiment Daily Mail Ken Clarke
9th May 2013 Traces of water in moon came from Earth, study finds The Guardian Ken Clarke
10th May 2013 Ammonia leaks from International Space Station Daily Telegraph Ken Clarke
10th May 2013 Mars: Toxic Dust? National Space Centre Mark Galvin
11th May 2013 Watch Live: Emergency ISS Spacewalk to Fix Coolant Leak
Note: Live video now shows a recording of the spacewalk in case you missed it.
Universe Today Mark Galvin
13th May 2013 First X-Class Solar Flares of 2013 NASA Website Mark Galvin
13th May 2013 Why Mercury is a hard orange, not a soft peach New Scientist Mark Galvin

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