Astronomy and Space News Roundup: 14th May 2013 to 19th May 2013

A tantalising taste of Titanian topography; the Southern Hemisphere’s only dedicated professional comet-hunting telescope may be forced to shut down; and a Near Earth Asteroid provides opportunities for the press to make tenuous statements about ocean liners and the Royal Family.

Date Title/Link Source Submitted by
14th May 2013 40 Years Later, Skylab Space Station Inspires Possible Successor Mark Galvin
14th May 2013 Chris Hadfield’s 5-month Space Mission in 90 Seconds Universe Today Gerard Gilligan
14th May 2013 Comet century may be telescope’s last ABC Science (Aus) Mark Galvin
15th May 2013 Kepler Planet-Hunting Mission in Jeopardy Universe Today Gerard Gilligan
15th May 2013 Nasa’s planet-hunting spacecraft crippled after loss of wheels Daily Telegraph Ken Clarke
15th May 2013 Neutrinos from outer space open new eye in the sky New Scientist Mark Galvin
15th May 2013 Pictures showcase wonders of nature and light-polluted cities in darkness Daily Mail Ken Clarke
15th May 2013 Scientists Shape First Global Topographic Map of Saturn’s Moon Titan Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Mark Galvin
15th May 2013 UA Mars Camera Reveals Hundreds of Impacts Each Year University of Arizona Mark Galvin
16th May 2013 Nasa’s Kepler telescope failure is not the end of searching for another Earth The Guardian Ken Clarke
16th May 2013 New method proposed for detecting gravitational waves from ends of universe Nevada Today Mark Galvin
16th May 2013 South Africa’s new radio telescope reveals giant outbursts from binary star system EurekAlert! Mark Galvin
16th May 2013 Weather on the Outer Planets Only Goes So Deep
Weizmann Institute of Science Mark Galvin
17th May 2013 Bright Explosion on the Moon NASA Website Gerard Gilligan
17th May 2013 The ’QE2’ asteroid nine times bigger than the iconic ship set to sail ‘just 3.6million miles away’ from Earth Daily Mail Ken Clarke
18th May 2013 Opportunity Mars Rover Blazes Past 40 Year Old Space Driving Record Universe Today Mark Galvin
19th May 2013 Britain’s first official astronaut to blast off for space station Daily Telegraph Mark Galvin

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