Event Report: Leighton Observatory Open Day 8th March 2014, by Hayley Parr

I arrived at this event around 3pm, nice drive, no disasters. Disappointingly, Galileo had already left because he was poorly, I haven’t seen him for a while and was looking forward to a catch up! Get well soon!
Although this event was cloudy at first we persevered waiting for Mr. Sun to show his face. He didn’t disappoint.

Curious members of the public approached to ask what on Earth we were looking at in the middle of the day. Their faces, a delight when the response, “The Sun” came. I appointed myself ‘dog holder’ while they went into the forest of solar scopes. I should have thought twice on this decision, as one of them was the size of a horse and twice as determined (there were biscuits knocking about).
Night time descended and we had an early view of the moon. Its was at this point I decided to climb the ladder up to the 30″ reflecting telescope eye piece.
I played it cool but I was petrified, as I gingerly ascended my awkward body up the ladder a little boy shouted “FFFFFFAAAAALLLLL!!!” so cheers to that kid!
However I made it and I don’t think Buzz Aldrin himself had a better lunar view! Breath taking!
Some stunning views of Jupiter (the theme of this yea’rs National Astronomy week) were to be had. However the absolute HIGHLIGHT of this event for me is when
Brian went to the chippy!


P.s Thanks to Brendan for asking me to move my car. Dave was just about to get me to navigate the dome telescope to Jupiter ;)