New Events Calendar – some tests

Hello everyone,
As I hope you’ll have recently noticed, we have recently implemented an Events Calendar (very kindly donated at a significant cost by a generous company called Modern Tribe, who also offer some free plugins, so if you run a WordPress site, do please check them out.)

Anyway, recently some extra functionality has been added to the Events Calendar, including a filter bar. It can be incredibly specific so by choosing a set of filters which don’t tally, you could end up seeing no events listed. If you find you cannot see an event you think is there, click the “Reset Filters” link at the bottom of the filter bar and that should resolve the issues.

I’m aware that the colouring of the new elements doesn’t quite fit into the normal theme of the LAS website at present, but this is temporary and I’ll be amending this shortly.

Kind regards,
Mark Galvin
Website admin team