Science and Astronomy questions on Reddit

While reading on the Internet, one of the sites I sometimes visit is Reddit – for those that don’t know, Reddit is like a huge online forum, covering many diverse topics and opinions. Each topic is organised into what is called a a sub-reddit.
Some of these sub-reddits can be unsavoury but one of the safe and interesting ones is AskScience.

AskScience is a place where people can ask questions and get answers from people who are well-versed in that area of knowledge. Answers based on speculation are not allowed, so quality is maintained. A voting system allows irrelevant or incorrect information to be “downvoted” to the point where it is no longer visible, and a moderation team removes other non-applicable replies.

There are many interesting astronomy, space and physics related questions asked, and I thought I’d collect together some of the recent ones which I’ve found interesting, for you.

These are just some of the most recent – there are lots more on the site. Click here to visit