The Liverpool Astronomical Society

SIC ITUR AD ASTRA: Thus, the way to the stars

The Society’s aims are the same as when it was formed in 1881:

To promote the science of Astronomy primarily in Liverpool and the neighbourhood thereof

Registered as a Charitable Educational Trust – No 519955.

Formed in 1881, the Liverpool Astronomical Society is one of the oldest astronomical societies in the world. Today, it continues to promote the science of amateur astronomy, as it did all those years ago.

Like all societies, Liverpool AS struggled through two years of lockdown, keeping alive with online monthly talks and virtual meetings. On the plus side there were great guest speakers from as far away as Canada and USA.

With all that now behind them, our members have enthusiastically embraced the 2022/2023 session with lots of local outreach events and the return of the monthly meetings, face to face, at the Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool with excellent guest speakers. The re-opening of the Leighton Observatory at Pex Hill, Cronton has also been very popular with weekly meetings returning, cubs, scouts and other groups visiting plus the restart of our very own Young Astronomers Club.

The Society’s biggest event for 2022 was on Saturday, December 10th. “When NASA went to the Moon” – an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary since mankind last set foot on the Moon. There were fascinating talks, a host of display material and memorabilia, experts on hand, plenty of activities and a representation from North West astronomical societies plus other organisations. It was a brilliant day across the Central Library and World Museum in Liverpool city centre with hundreds of visitors on the day despite the poor snowy, wintery conditions.

It’s good to see that the Society is thriving again with around 200 members and plenty of newcomers being voted in during the 2022/23 session. The Society is in good shape for the future. Come along and meet us at Pex Hill or at a monthly meeting. See if amateur astronomy and our society is for you. The Society is a welcoming and friendly group and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

Steve Southern. President

Syllabus cards for 2022-2023

Your online, printable syllabus card for the current session can be found as a PDF here or as an alternative, rotated version here.

Subscriptions & Membership info

Note: Membership Fees are correct as of June 2023

Membership TypePrice
Adults (18 & above) Annual Subscription£25.00
Juniors (14-17 inclusive) Annual Subscription£5.00

Please note: Subscriptions are due from 1st October each year and must be paid by January 31st or your membership may be suspended. If not paid by 31st March your membership will cease.

You can now pay for your subscription via Internet banking. Please contact the Treasurer for more information.

Buying a Telescope?

Are you thinking of buying a telescope for yourself or a loved one this Christmas? Have a read of our handy guide to help make your choice.

James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope Pocket Guide (PDF) – Technical information, useful links and updates about the JWST. The PDF updates from time to time, so check from month-to-month for an update.

Mars Missions

What’s In The Night Sky?

The apps below allow you to set both your current location and the time of day/night, so you can see not only what is visible right now from where you are, but also for other times and places.

  • Stellarium
    • Web browser (free, simple but effective, no installation required)
    • Desktop version (free, requires installation but has more advanced features. Available for Linux, MacOS X, Windows)
    • Mobile version
      • Android (free, with in-app purchases to unlock advanced features such as telescope control)
      • iOS (£9.99)
  • SkySafari
    • Desktop version (prices range from Free, with in-app purchases, to £54.99 depending on version. MacOS X only.)
      Note: The SkySafari website says $9.99 for the entry-level version, but on visiting the Apple App Store it is actually Free
    • Mobile version
      • Android (prices range from free, with in-app purchases, to £34.99 depending on version)
        Note: The SkySafari website says $2.99 for the entry-level version, but on visiting the Google App Store it is actually Free
      • iOS (prices range from £2.99, with in-app purchases, to £38.99, depending on version)

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Other useful links

You can find more astronomy and science related sites on our Links page here.

Gerard Gilliga and Allan Chapman - 24th February 2017
At our February 2017 lecture we welcomed an old friend in Professor Allan Chapman, who gave us his talk on “The Ferret of Comets; Charles Messier and astronomy in 18th century France.”
As usual Allan delivered an entertaining, informative and inspiring talk. The audience of approximately 90 people showed their appreciation with an extended applause afterwards.
“As always, it was a great pleasure to come up to the LAS and to speak. I was delighted to get such a large and appreciative audience”; Allan Chapman