News Feeds (RSS)

Did you know that you can be notified whenever something is posted to the LAS website? Most computers and smartphones these days support something known as RSS Feeds. This is a special kind of webpage which your browser or ‘phone checks to see if a website has been updated. The main site feeds, which you […] Continue Reading »

The History of Liverpool Astronomical Society

A detailed article which covers the people and events surrounding the formation of the Liverpool Astronomical Society in the late 19th Century, its rise to international fame, financial problems - a combination of which, due to disagreements among members, led to the formation of the British Astronomical Association in 1890 After this the LAS suffered a decline. The Liverpool AS members cleared its debts however membership still waned until the early 1950s when the Society was almost at a state of total dissolution. It's fortunes were turned around when a small number of determined people helped the Society to reclaim long lost property, and began to rebuild it into what it is today. Continue Reading »