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About Mark Galvin

Mark is one of the website administrators for the LAS website, and has a wide spectrum of interest in astronomy and remote imaging, such as weather satellite imagery and UrtheCast.

Updates to main menu – 31st August, 2015

Hello all, This is just a short post to let you know that the main menu has been re-organised. The menu was beginning to get cluttered, so we have rearranged some of the items. There are two new top-level items – “Information” and “Contact & Interact”. The “Information” section (next to “Home”) now contains the […] Continue Reading »

Science and Astronomy questions on Reddit

While reading on the Internet, one of the sites I sometimes visit is Reddit – for those that don’t know, Reddit is like a huge online forum, covering many diverse topics and opinions. Each topic is organised into what is called a a sub-reddit. Some of these sub-reddits can be unsavoury but one of the […] Continue Reading »

New Events Calendar – some tests

Hello everyone, As I hope you’ll have recently noticed, we have recently implemented an Events Calendar (very kindly donated at a significant cost by a generous company called Modern Tribe, who also offer some free plugins, so if you run a WordPress site, do please check them out.) Anyway, recently some extra functionality has been added to […] Continue Reading »

Event Report: Leighton Observatory Open Day 8th March 2014, by Brenda Jones

Thanks to Brenda Jones for sending us her report of our National Astronomy Week 2014 open day/evening at the Leighton Observatory. I just wanted to express our thanks to the Liverpool Astronomical Society & their members. Although we live in Cheadle, Greater Manchester we’d found out about the event at Pex Hill via my brother […] Continue Reading »

Images from Wirral Star Party, 1st March 2014

Below are some of the images we’ve been sent from last night’s Star Party at Wirral Country Park. As we receive more, the gallery below will update. If you have images you’d like to add, please get in touch! You can contact us in any of several ways: In the comments at the bottom of […] Continue Reading »