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Articles and information regarding the City Observatory at Liverpool Museum, which was used by Liverpool Astronomical Society for many years

“The Liverpool Museum in Years to Come” by Mr. Martin Suggett, Summer Lectures Series, 25th June 1997

Held in the Basement Lecture Theatre Continue Reading »

The City Observatory, Liverpool Museum

Meetings Every weekday – Wednesdays between 7pm – 9pm at Liverpool Museum, William Brown Street, Liverpool. (Use the disabled entrance, next to museum’s main stairway.) Liverpool Museum is part of the National Museums & Galleries on Merseyside – (NMGM). The 5″ Cooke (click images to view full-size) Thomas Glazebrook Rylands and The 5″ inch Cooke […] Continue Reading »

Summer Lecture Program, June – September 1997

June 1997 25th: Martin Suggett, Physical Sciences – The Liverpool Museum in Years to Come July 1997 9th: Ken Clark, Sec Liverpool A.S. – The Last Men on the Moon (Apollo 17th) August 1997 20th: Paul Dearden (N.M.G.M.), The Physics & Chemistry of the Stars 27th: Rob Johnson, Liverpool Astronomical Society – CCD Astronomy September […] Continue Reading »