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Calling LAS Members – have you taken a great astronomical photo?

The Liverpool AS is currently producing a new set of large sized posters for use at public events. We think it would be fantastic if, rather than showing generic shots, we could showcase some of the amazing astrophotography our members produce. We’re looking for examples of your best high resolution astrophotography – full attribution will, […] Continue Reading »

Articles from old LAS Newsletters

We are happy to announce that we have begun to add some articles from old LAS Newsletters (aka News Circulars). You can view a list (which will be updated as the articles are posted) by clicking here. Since the Newsletter is a paid-subscription service, in order to keep things fair for those who subscribe, there […] Continue Reading »

The Presidential Address “Time the Essence”,19th September 2008

David Forshaw entertained us with an intriguing and thought provoking account of the mystery of time;. Commencing with an apt quotation from a book by G J Whitrow, “…Only time has this peculiar property which makes us feel intuitively that we understand it perfectly so long as we are not asked to explain what we […] Continue Reading »

Getting started in Astronomy (Part 2), by Steve Southern

Continuing on from last month let’s look at how some more of the more obvious constellations and stars can be used as pointers and sign posts in the night sky. Let’s go back to the Plough which is part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. The 2 pointer stars point towards Polaris, the […] Continue Reading »

Constellation of the Month (December 2008) – Taurus, by Steve Southern

Avoiding the obvious Orion, December’s constellation of the month is the wonderful Taurus, the bull. Click for printable map Myth Taurus is one of the oldest zodiacal constellations. According to myth, Taurus represents the bull form taken on by Jupiter or Zeus in pursuit of the fair maidens of the seven sisters (Pleiades). There […] Continue Reading »

Multi-wavelength Observing – December 2008, by Brian Finney

NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer finds the Ghost of Mirach alive and well. Adapted from GALEX website ( The “Ghost of Mirach” galaxy is shown in visible light on the left, and in ultraviolet on the right. The fields of view are identical in both pictures, with the Ghost of Mirach – a galaxy called NGC […] Continue Reading »

Deep Sky – December 2008 by Dave Owen

The constellation of Auriga culminates, reaches its highest point in our sky, at about midnight in mid December. However, even at about 21:00, in mid December, it is about 60 degrees above the horizon and conditions should be excellent for finding the 3 bright star clusters included in Charles Messier’s 18th century list of comet […] Continue Reading »

A Telescope for Christmas, by Steve Southern

This article has been superseded by an updated version written in November 2013 – please click here to view the new version. (Note by MG, 11th May 2013: The prices quoted in this article were accurate as of December 2008 but will likely have changed by now! It’s possible some of the prices given will […] Continue Reading »