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Adventures in Arizona, Rob Johnson

It could be said that Arizona is the world ‘capital’ of astronomy, with clear skies for much of the year and home to several major observatories it is an irresistible holiday destination. So my family and I visited this summer and combined holiday with astronomy to tour around some of the many places of astronomical […] Continue Reading »

Total Solar Eclipse 1999 – LAS Members’ Observations

Society Members Reports & Images NASA RP 1398:TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of 1999 AUGUST 11th.  Liverpool – England Carol Gilligan. (Multiple Crescents Image). Ken Clarke. Steven Hughes. Scilly Isles, Cornwall, Devon – SouthWest England Chris Banks (St Ives). Andrew & Ann Bate (Tresco – Isles of Scilly). Roy Billingsley (Falmouth). Colm Jackson (Penzance). Rob Johnson (St […] Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Andrew & Ann Bate (Tresco, Isles of Scilly)

  Tresco is the second largest of the Scilly Isles. No cars are to be found on the few roads Tresco has. It is either bicycle or walk: from one end to the other it is less than two miles. Getting to the scillies involves either a two hour boat trip or a twenty minute […] Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Yvonne West (Penzance, Cornwall)

Thick black clouds covered the sky, suddenly it poured down. In the pub I heard the TV saying that first contact had been made at this point I thought that all was lost. Luckily the rain subsided, and a cold breeze blew up around 11.05am, then very quickly at 11.11am it went dark as night. […] Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Robert Simpson (Penzance, Cornwall)

On the 10th August 1999 a group of 10 members of the LAS went on an expedition to Penzance to see the solar eclipse, the last one of the millennium. We met at the Ship & Mitre, where we had a meal before taking a mini bus to Manchester to get the train down South. […] Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: David Owen (Penzance, Cornwall)

Despite not seeing the solar eclipse due to cloud, I was impressed by the sudden darkness for just 2 minutes. It was worth travelling 12 hours there and 12 hours for the return journey to see the eclipse even though it was cloudy, I hope the next one will be better. Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Dot Maline (Penzance, Cornwall)

I wouldn’t have missed the eclipse at Penzance for the world even after travelling 12 hours there and back. The atmosphere was electric at totality and with the complete darkness, an unearthly feeling passed over me. It would have been marvellous if the clouds had disappeared, but I am sure that I would not have […] Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Colm Jackson (Penzance, Cornwall)

Even though we didn’t see the sun, I don’t think I would swap this eclipse for the real shebang. I will hopefully get to see the full blown thing someday in another part of the world. It was a very surreal experience. You could almost touch the cloud. I felt we where at the beginning […] Continue Reading »

Members’ Observations: The Tears of Saint Lawrence, by Win Corry, August 1999

Perseid Meteor Shower as seen from Cappadocia, Turkey Leaving our hotel dining room in the evening of the day after the eclipse we were drawn towards an excited crowd in the lobby. It was a party of some hundred Italians, like us, in Turkey for the eclipse. Included in their group was the editor of […] Continue Reading »