Re: another newbie asking for help


Brendan Martin

Hi Les, from what I have been able to find out via the internet your scope is a refractor on a fork mount, which means it works in what we call Alt/Az. the first thing you will need to do is line up the finderscope, this is best done on an object on land, try setting it up on something as far away as possible this can be done during the day or best at night on a light in the distance, when you have an object in the lens of the telescope you can then adjust the finderscope with the screws on the ring that supports the finderscope to get the object centered on the crosshairs, when it is all lined up you should be able to find things easier, when using the scope use the highest number eyepiece first (should be 20 or 25mm eyepiece) the higher the number the lower the magnification, if you still have dificulty I suggest you come up to Pex Hill one Wednesday, we will be only to glad to help you get the best out of your scope.
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