Re: Astronomy newcomer.


Brendan Campbell
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Hi there, I just wanted to say that I attended last nights meeting and found the talk on astrophotography really interesting. I’ll definitely be back in October and I’m going to try popping down to the observatory for the young astronomers club.

On the way home, I saw the meteor shower which was incredible and totally unexpected. I was walking alone along the Mersey and it felt as if a show had been put just for me! <img src=” title=”Cheesy” />

Unfortunately I was a little pressed for time and to leave the meeting early and so didn’t get to speak to anyone. I was wondering if there’s anyway of getting an answer to a couple of questions.

Before the talk on astrophotography began, a gentleman wearing a blood hoodie stood up and made a couple of announcements, one being a talk or seminar on the subject of physics that the LAS members are invited to. I’m actually a physics student and would love to attend. The second announcement made was about Astronomy classes being run by the Liverpool university, again I’d also like to attend those if it’s possible.

Again, could anybody please pass further details on to me or post them on the LAS website?

Thanks very much indeed.