Re: Astronomy newcomer.


David Galvin

Hi Brendan, the next monthly meeting is on Friday September 21st and is our opening  for the new session 2012-2013. I have just updated the syllabus
and I hope that you will find something of interest in the coming months.
Visitors are welcome to attend the monthly and weekly meetings and we suggest two or three visits to decide if we fit your needs.
The weekly meetings are at our observatory in Cronton: and are open through out the year. The observatory meetings are very informal and generaly well recieved by newcomers. this is where you will pick up your tips and learn about  astronomy.
We are closed this coming Wednesday as we have a large group attending a Star Party over at Kelling Heath, Norfolk but will be back intime for the monthly meeting.
As you can see from the updated syllabus, we have a copuple of Star Parties of our own at Thurstaston, Wirral on October 20th and again in March 2013.
Hopefuly we will have clear skies and get in some decent observing.