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john Crockatt
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Thanks, Brendan,

I perhaps ought to have said that Sunday 6th.November was a perfect day.  Not a cloud in the sky from the early hours of that day for a full 24 hours.

During the day we got some good views of the sun’s spots in both the Corenado PST, and in the 4″ Skywatcher, fitted with a home-made Baader film filter.

In the evening a fine view of the moon, which was at waxing Gibbous.  The most impressive sight was the “bay” called Sinus Iridium, which was right on the terminator, and so the semi-circular “cliffs” of the bay were brilliantly lit, with the peaks of the Jura Montes showing behind.

Then a look at Jupiter, with our first sight of her moons.  We saw three, Europa, Callisto and Io.

Later study  of the diagram in Astronomy Now showed that we ought to have seen Ganymede,  which was right on the southwest limb of Jupiter.

A really good day for a pair of beginners.

John and Angela Crockatt