Re: Help wanted


David Galvin

Hi Graham, I am sure that we can sort out something for you.
I had a similair request recently  with, I think, the same model of scope and managed to get the objects in the eye piece. I recall that the pointing accuracy of these scopes are 0.3 degrees which is slightly less then the size of the full moon. I suggest that you should initially set out with the lowest magnification (the eyepiece with the largest number in mm such as 25mm and not 6mm).
The usual mistake made with the handset set up is the date format which is american (month, day and year) and not british (day, month and year).
Latitude and longitude and daylight saving time can be a problem if not set correct but if any of these are set incorectly the scope will try looking to far east or west.
I will give you a call and make arrangements to call around.
Regards from Dave Galvin.