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james mallon
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hi gareth thanx for that quick reply you might be able to see mars this month to the east depending were you are im in huyton and viewing here in my back garden is very very good when the skies are clear yes i’ve been to pex hill it is outstanding the last time i was there i looked through a 16 inch dob to see neptune it was breathtaking moved very fast from north to south there was lots of people there and the sky was crystal clear going to try and get to pex hill tonight if i can because the guy who normally takes me has got other commitments oh well there is a meeting in the quaker building in school lane in town on friday starts at 7 oclock i will be going to that but it only happens once a month but that is very good also and im going to join for the year this time as you feel part of the family of astronuts anyway hope to see you either tonight or on friday if you can make it jimmythemoonlight