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David Galvin

Hi Julie,
You need to put the camera in manual exposure mode and select an ISO rating of 400 to 800 and , if possible, set an exposure of 30 seconds or more. The longer the exposure then the longer the trails. If you use 30 seconds or less then you should get point images of the stars/constations.

I do not have the full specifications for your camera  but  I would suggest a wide aperture to cover a large field of view to ‘see’ a constellation such as Orion. 
The camera, ideally, should be on a tripod but you may be able to carefully prop the camera on a wall (for example) so that it is steady. The tricky part is to ‘press’ the shutter without shaking the camera and causing the image to blur. You may be able to set the camera to take the picture using its time delay function (if it has one of course)
Try experimenting with these basics in mind and let me know how you do. Focusing can be difficult and it is best to focus on a brigt star , planet or the moon.