Re: Lot of stars out tonight


David Galvin

Celestron are one of the better makes and also quality. Very popular ‘scopes are the Skywatcher range, good size aperture at reasonable prices too. Have a look at this site:

Hopefuly Brendan will come in on this chat as I think he is pretty up to date with what is what on the market. I bought my scopes a long time ago and will they will probaly see me out. I should add that BBC Star Gazing Live will be on in January 2012 and, as this year, stocks will be flying off the shelf and lots of people will be strugling to get them for a while after. Please don’t rush into buying without chatting to us in person as there are many factors to look at.
How much are you preared to go up to?
What to do you want to observe?
Do you want to take images  or just observe visually?
How strong are you? How heavy a scope can you lift?
Do you want a scope that will fit in a car?
Many things to take into account and chat about.