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Thanks Dave for your super advice and thoughts. I had hoped to get a GoTo scope because I have a Cub Scout pack and I really wanted to support their learning using such a telescope; they are working on their astronomy badge each year and I think they would get a thrill from almost instant usage of this instrument. Point taken on learning start positions etc; I have been out with my Planisphere on the last few clear nights to try and become familiar with positions;still a long way to go!
For my own purposes I had envisaged a decent sized scope; some good Barlow lenses, a Neximage 5Mpixel camera and a Power tank,(or something similar from Halfords).Later I might get a pro-wedge if I have anything left.
Iknow this will cost a lot but I have a really interested group of youngsters and a family who want to get involved!
Will try and make it over to the Wirral next week.
Thanks once again!

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