Re: Telescope advice for a newby


Dave Bentley
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Hi Phil,
Sorry its a bit late getting back to you but following on from what Graham says I think an EQ5 is the minimum starter point for photography. I have EQ5 and Vixen mounts and they will do the job, the Vixens being better quality and more robust. The EQ5 will carry the 200 ok, I use mine to mount an F8 5″ refractor or C9.25. Both these scopes are heavy so balancing them is critical otherwise there may be too much strain on the motors. Anything bigger than a 9.25″ would be too heavy. If you can, try and stretch your budget to include at least an RA motor. It makes a world of difference visually and is essential for photography.  Lots of people these days are using small premium quality refractors for photography and getting amazing results. Its another option!
Dave B