Re: Telescope advice for a newby


Dave Bentley
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Hi Phil,
Once you find your target you lock the motor by tighteneing a clutch which is fitted over the slow motion spindle (this comes with the motor). You will normally get a couple of slow motion knobs with the mount. These can be about 1 foot long and slide over the spindle with a locking screw. When I got my motor I took mine off and got smaller ones which I put back on when the motor was fitted. This allows you to move the scope in slow motion without the motor. The clutch is on a screw thread and sits between the slow motion knob and the brass gear. Tightening the clutch locks the motor but dont use the slow motion when this is locked or you may damage the motor. On the mount itself there are two locking clamps one for RA one for Dec. For quickly moving the mount you can leave the clutch tightened and undo one of these clamps and manually move the scope. This is a simple system and is not computer controlled. Hope i’ve not made it seem complicated as it is not. If you can get up to Pex Hill on a Wednesday (if the sky ever clears) you can view different scopes or come to one of the Sidewalk events.
Dave B