Re: Telescope advice for a newby


matthew Longworth
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Hi all,

I am new to looking into the night sky with a telescope, and thought i would buy my son a telescope for xmas just gone as one night when going asleep he was looking at the moon through the window and seemed interested at the time to use a telescope to get a better look… I got him a telescope for xmas……a CELESTRON powerseeker 70 AZ……I took him out earlier to use but to be honest he doesnt seem too interested in it….just wants to play on his xbox…….but I am really keen to learn more so I am going to use it myself……ive been looking at the site and see you have meetings at pex hill…..can anyone attend as I am interested in finding out more and maybe bringing the telescope along to be shown how to use it……ive managed to see the moon using the 20mm…..havent a clue how to use the barlow lens 3x. would really appreciate help. thanks