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thanks David.O and David.G

having looked at what available it is a minefield and as you say a compromise with everything from £100 to over £35K..yikes..

liking the shorter focal length of the schmidt/matsutov cassegrains.. easier to transport etc, what would a good minimum aperture be for planetary DSO photography. which have good mounts? sub £500 seems to be fairly small apertures, as you go to 6-8″+ now getting a little more expensive.

The Dobsonians are cheaper by the looks of it and some motorised now!! how cool is that. looking at about £800 for 8″

Would a larger Newtonian be better for planetary work, longer focal length and all.

as this is a considered purchase i will take my time. Im working late tomorrow and then early wednesday so may try to get to you guys this week, if not definately next week if you guys are still meeting. im in garston so not too far!

thanks again

looking forward to meeting everyone


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