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    Lee middleton
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    hi guys can anyone tell me if bridge cameras are good for astrophotography? id love to get a dslr but cant afford one an this seems to have alot of features of a dslr except the removable lense.
    thanks in advance for your help.


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    Hi Lee,i’m not into astrophotography but to use a camera with a fixed lens you simple mount your camera on a bracket that is fastened to your eyepiece which has a platform attached with up/down adjustments to centralise the camera lense with the eyepiece.Get the lens as close as possible but leave enough clearance for the camera lens to zoom in and out.there are some web sites for this type of astrphotography.
    Regards John


    Phil Williams
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    i use a bridge camera its good for adjustting the shutter speed and iso exposure. ive been able to get some good pics of the moon and stars and planets using a fujifilm s5700 have a look in the gallery. i used a camera stand to stabalise the camera and then put it on a timer to minimize vibrations to the image.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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