Did anybody see the transit of Venus

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    Did anybody see the early morning transit of Venus.I watched it on a link uo provided by Gerrard. Derek.


    Graham Bell
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    No. Although I watched the NASA stream.


    john Crockatt
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    We were at Holyhead, and had worked out a good viewpoint. At 5am this morning – 100% low cloud, visibility about 1NM.  Some time ago I wrote an article for the Newsletter entitled “On Not Seeing the Perseids”.  Perhaps I should do a sequel called “On Not Seeing the Transit of Venus”.  I might follow that with one on “Not Seeing the Aurora Borealis”, which we didn’t see on a recent trip to Arctic Norway.

    John Crockatt


    David Galvin

    No luck either. I watched the beginning on the internet and went to bed at midnight. I looked out at 3 am and again at 4 am. Cloudy so I decided to go back to bed and got up at 0700 for work.

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