Did anyone see last nights Sky at Night?

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    Colin Murray
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    I couldn’t imagine the Sky at Night being presented by anyone else other than Sir Patrick Moore but last nights format with Chris Lintott and Lucie Green presenting it seemed to work well, I wouldn’t mind if they continued to present it together for the foreseeable future.


    David Galvin

    I thought, as yourself, that without Patrick it may not work but I did enjoy the ‘new’ format and I am sure that SPM would be pleased.
    I liked the balance of serious solar with the white light amatuer work. It will be interesting to see how it continues, fingers crossed.


    Mark Galvin

    I’ve just watched it. I wasn’t sure what to expect but have to admit that I enjoyed the programme even though it wasn’t quite the same. I wish they’d make the programme a bit longer – 20 minutes once a month isn’t a lot.

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    Colin Murray
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    The Thursday repeat is 30 minutes.

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