ISS passes 25thDec 2012

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    john Crockatt
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    We are grateful to Gerard for the email with the details of the passes this December.

    This evening we saw the 1659 pass, with magnitude -2.9, which was spectacular in a clear sky. We saw the 1836 pass, magnitude -1.7, and somewhat obscured by thin cloud. The sky then cleared completely and we saw the Moon with Jupiter about 5 degrees to the east, and Aldebaran vertically below. No telescopes, just naked eye and binocs. The moon and Jupiter just filled the field of view in 7×50 binocs. AND we managed to eat our Christmas dinner between the two passes !

    A special Christmas day.


    Colin Murray
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    I find Stellarium good for passes, there is an option for showing the actual orbit against the background of stars so you see which stars it gets close to.

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