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    Ken Campbell
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    I am an Astronomy Writer and broadcaster from Southern Spain recently returned to live in the UK. I am currently living just off Horrocks Avenue in Garston. I was delighted to find that there is a prominent monument dedicated to Jeremiah Horrocks at the roadside of Horrocks Avenue.

    On closer inspection I was horrified to discover that the adjoining plaque reads that Jeremiah made great contributions to British ASTROLOGY!!

    Young Jeremiah must be turning in his grave, I know that I would be.

    I would ask that the Liverpool Astronomy Society join with me to have this miscarriage remedied before the next transit of Venus in June. I can be contacted at


    David Galvin

    Goodness how embarrassing for Jeremiah, I will forward this on to our secretary who may be able to help out!

    P.S Ken, are you happy for your e-mail details to be public or would you like me to blank it out. Let me know please.


    Ken Campbell
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    Please join my facebook page JUSTICE for JEREMIAH and lets get the recognition that young Jeremiah deserves…He WAS NOT an ASTROLOGER!!

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