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    Hi everyone.

    First post. Been browsing for a while. Just bought my first telescope – skywatcher 200p 8″ dobsonian.

    My garden is pretty dark but ill be looking to venture out soon. Can anyone advise me where the best viewing locations around merseyside are. I live in litherland, sefton.

    Kind regards



    Brendan Martin

    Hi Leigh, there are no real good sights around merseyside due to light pollution, we tend to go to North Wales weather permitting, the best I can suggest is to drive around, maybe into Lancashire and see if you can find anywhere suitable,
    have a look at this website

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    I think this link has expired. I clicked on it and it said it can’t be found on this server…..?


    Colin Murray
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    You could always try Formby Point, it’s NOT a dark sky and you won’t see the milky-way but it’s somewhere to go. You’ll have to share the car park with other people doing whatever they’re doing and you’ll have to put up with car headlamps at times but there’s nowhere else to go in and around the Merseyside area. I went there with my telescope once and no one bothered me, just don’t go there too early. The only other option is to go into North Wales.


    Mark Galvin

    Hi Astronut – the link got a little mangled when we updated the website back in December. I’ve fixed it now and it points to the correct page again :-)

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    Hi Mark, cheers, will have a little nosy.


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    If North Wales is considered to be the best place to find dark(ish) skies, can someone please advise a specific site that is closest to Liverpool?


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