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    Hi, new to liverpool,

    have used a couple of starter telescopes in the past but sadly have not had a scope for a few years.
    looking to get into the night sky again with a view to astrophotography especially planets and hopefully to be able to get some nice pics of galaxies/nebulae.

    as technology has come a long way, i was hoping for some advice on minimum specs ie. smallest aperture i would need, type of scope etc and i suppose cost is important too. not worried if its new or used but where is the best place to buy up here.

    thanking you for any advice given, and looking forward to joining you guys, is it wednesday nights you meet? Where exactly?

    thanks again


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    David Osborne
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    newbie myself, been to 2 meetings on a Wednesday, really friendly and very informal, here’s the address
    Pex Hill,
    near Widnes,
    WA8 5QW
    Sat Nav will get you right there,


    David Galvin

    Hi Tony (Hi Dave),
    Firstly I would like to welcome you to our group and, hopefuly, to the Liverpool Astronomical Society.
    Purchasing a telescope is something that takes a lot of thought as once you have paid your money you may find that your set up does not do what you want or after a short while you outgrow it and wish that you had saved the money and bought the next model up.
    The problem with this hobby, like any other, is that you get what you pay for (blunt , sorry !) and whilst you may pay £200 pound for a reasonable set of optics you find that the mount lets the side down. If we magnify a planet X100 then we also magnify the wobble and bounce of the mount by the same amount. So, I suggest that care should be taken to select a good solid mount that will track your objects and keep them in the centre of your field of view.
    A large mirror or lens will allow you to collect more light , detect fainter stars and galaxies whilst resolving finer detail on the planets, Moon etc.
    A short focal length will be more forgiving on a ‘cheaper’ mount and would give larger fields of view. The downside would be that you would not get good ‘zoomed in’ views of the Moon and planets.
    For lunar and planetary work you would need to think of the longer focal length scope and mount with good tracking. A large aperture is prefered to get the fine detail.
    As you may know, there is no one telescope that does all and at some point a decission or compromise has to be met. The important thing is not to spend your money until you are sure that you have the right set up.
    We are only touching on the basics of what may be suitable for your needs and I think that it would be much better if you could come along to the observatory on a Wednesday and we could chat further.
    Regards from Dave Galvin.


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    thanks David.O and David.G

    having looked at what available it is a minefield and as you say a compromise with everything from £100 to over £35K..yikes..

    liking the shorter focal length of the schmidt/matsutov cassegrains.. easier to transport etc, what would a good minimum aperture be for planetary DSO photography. which have good mounts? sub £500 seems to be fairly small apertures, as you go to 6-8″+ now getting a little more expensive.

    The Dobsonians are cheaper by the looks of it and some motorised now!! how cool is that. looking at about £800 for 8″

    Would a larger Newtonian be better for planetary work, longer focal length and all.

    as this is a considered purchase i will take my time. Im working late tomorrow and then early wednesday so may try to get to you guys this week, if not definately next week if you guys are still meeting. im in garston so not too far!

    thanks again

    looking forward to meeting everyone



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    hi guys..

    just want to say thank you to everyone i met tonight (Wednesday 6th Feb), you made me feel welcome, and a great (but Cold) evenings viewing.

    thanks you again, will definitely be back.


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