Membership of the Liverpool Astronomical Society

I’ve registered on the website – does that mean I am a Member of the LAS?

No. Registering on the website (which is free of charge) means you can comment on articles and post to our forums, but it does not mean you are a Member of the Liverpool Astronomical Society.

What are the benefits of becoming a Member of the LAS?

Although the public are welcome at many of our events, and we encourage them to visit, Members of the Society have access to an additional wealth of resources such as:

  • Regular talks, lectures and presentations on a range of subjects by fellow amateurs in the LAS and other astronomical societies, as well as professional scientists such as Dr. Allan Chapman
  • Access to our library of astronomical reference material
  • Loan equipment *
  • Use of the Leighton Observatory and telescope *

* Please note: use of these facilities must be approved and booked in advance via the Observatory Director.

Do I have to be 18 to become a member?

No – we also offer a Junior Membership at a reduced price, for those aged between 10 and 17.

Does it cost a lot to join the LAS?

Membership Fees (correct as of 2017)

Annual Subscription £15.00
Junior Members (up to age 17) £5.00

Please note: Subscriptions are due on 1st October each year

We also produce a monthly newsletter, the LAS News Circular, which is available electronically as a PDF. Previously this was printed on paper and charged at an additional £5 / year, however in 2014 we were very happy to be able to include the e-newsletter in the standard subscription at no additional cost to our members.

I have other questions

You may find that your question has already been asked and answered on our forums.
If not, you can either post your question there, or contact us directly by clicking here.

How do I join?

Click here for our Membership Enquires form.