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North-West Astronomy Festival 2013 with The Knowledge Observatory, Saturday & Sunday, 26th & 27th October 2013, Runcorn

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Astronomy and Space News Roundup: 24th May 2013 to 30th June 2013

We haven’t posted any news roundups for a few weeks, so this is a bumper crop. Thanks to everyone who’s been sending things in! Date Title/Link Source Submitted by 24th May 2013 Crack team of seamstresses from underwear maker Playtex revealed as secret behind the Apollo spacesuits Daily Mail Ken Clarke 24th May 2013 First […] Continue Reading »

What’s visible in June 2013?

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Astronomy and Space News Roundup: 25th April 2013

Where to look for aliens in the Solar System, what happens when you hit a gas giant with a big snowball, the Horsehead in infra-red, and more… Continue Reading »

Comet ISON – the brightest comet for a century?

Comet ISON, first discovered out beyond the orbit of Jupiter, has people excited. Some are predicting that it may be the brightest comet seen for over a hundred years, however as any astronomer knows, that is a risky claim to make and one that can often turn out to be a gross over-exaggeration. Sometimes comets which […] Continue Reading »