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Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: David Owen (Penzance, Cornwall)

Despite not seeing the solar eclipse due to cloud, I was impressed by the sudden darkness for just 2 minutes. It was worth travelling 12 hours there and 12 hours for the return journey to see the eclipse even though it was cloudy, I hope the next one will be better. Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Dot Maline (Penzance, Cornwall)

I wouldn’t have missed the eclipse at Penzance for the world even after travelling 12 hours there and back. The atmosphere was electric at totality and with the complete darkness, an unearthly feeling passed over me. It would have been marvellous if the clouds had disappeared, but I am sure that I would not have […] Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Colm Jackson (Penzance, Cornwall)

Even though we didn’t see the sun, I don’t think I would swap this eclipse for the real shebang. I will hopefully get to see the full blown thing someday in another part of the world. It was a very surreal experience. You could almost touch the cloud. I felt we where at the beginning […] Continue Reading »

Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Elaine Corry (Turkey)

Eclipse From Turkey As Viewed by A Non-Astronomer Elaine Corry Eclipse day dawned bright and early as we went to breakfast at 0500 hours accompanied by the broadcast chant of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. Remembering to pick up our lunchboxes (more about them later) we excitedly piled aboard our coaches at 6 […] Continue Reading »

Gerard Gilligan’s Total Solar Eclipse 1999 Observations

Eclipse 1999 Observations by Gerard Gilligan From Altmunster, Salzkammergut Region, Austria   All Images taken with Pentax K 1000 SLR Camera, fitted with 500mm f8 Canton Lens. Partial phases taken using Mylar filter. Film used was Kodak Elite, 400 ASA slide film. All Images are © Gerard Gilligan With Thanks to Tony Williams Continue Reading »

Information Index – The Total Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999.

May We Wish Your All Clear, “Dark” Skies For August 11th 1999! (May The Shadow Of The Moon Be With You.) PLEASE NOTE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND WELL BEING: Do Not Attempt To Observe The Partial Or Annular Phases Of Eclipse With The Naked Eye. Failure To Use Appropriate Filtration May Result In Permanent […] Continue Reading »

Partial Solar Eclipse – Visible from Liverpool on August 11th, 1999

August 11th sees the last total solar eclipse visible from the U.K. for over 90 years. From Liverpool it is a very large partial eclipse but you only have to travel a few hundred miles to Cornwall or Devon to observe the rare phonomena of totality. From Liverpool the partial eclipse starts at 10:02:44 BST […] Continue Reading »

The Total Solar Eclipse Of 26th February, 1998: A Liverpool Astronomical Society Perspective –

by Dr. John Eric Jones The LAS have been sending members on total solar eclipse expeditions since the 1880’s. One saros ago no less than 15 members went to Kenya to observe approximately 4 minutes of totality. This was a pivotal eclipse. Although there was already much experience of eclipses amongst some members, it was […] Continue Reading »