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Video from 5th anniversary of the Huygens probe landing on Titan

Just over seven years ago, on the 14th January 2005 at approximately 11:30 UTC, the Huygens probe (part of the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn) touched down on the surface of Titan. The video below, released for the 5th anniversary of the probe’s touchdown, is a time-compressed montage of what was imaged as Huygens descended through […] Continue Reading »

Morning Apparition of Mercury – July 2001

Mercury at greatest Western Elongation On the 9th at 21° (Morning Sky) MERCURY VENUS JUPITER SATURN MOON DATE TIME (GMT) ALTITUDE ° AZIMUTH ° ALTITUDE ° AZIMUTH ° ALTITUDE ° AZIMUTH ° ALTITUDE ° AZIMUTH ° ALTITUDE ° AZIMUTH ° Jul 10th 04:03 2.3 58 13 76 3.2 54 11.8 72 * * Jul 15th […] Continue Reading »

Some Images by David Forshaw

Sunsets on Merseyside Above images photographed from Mersey heights, Frodsham. Taken via prime focus through a Celestron C5 Telescope, f10. Using Agfa 200 slide film, by David Forshaw. Assorted Images Above images taken with 50mm lens/Pentax K1000 on Agfa 200 film All Images are © David Forshaw Click Here for David’s Astronomy Page Continue Reading »