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Members Observations (Up to December 1997)

Drawings by John Knott Lunar Observations by John Knott, August 1992 – December 1996 Mars Observations by John Knott, March – April 1997 Astrophotography by Gerard Gilligan Astrophotography by David Forshaw David Forshaw’s Astronomy Homepage Noctilucent Clouds photographed by David Galvin Drawings by Geoff Regan Jupiter Mars Saturn Comet Hyakutake More drawings by Geoff Regan […] Continue Reading »

Mars Observations by John Knott, March – April 1997

Four Drawings of March and April Aspects of Mars Seeing for the 3rd March drawing was in the main poor compared with the observation of April 12th. Very similar w1 longitude, the other three drawings were made under good seeing, and all drawings made using 216mm Newtonian with red and blue filters. March 3rd Observation […] Continue Reading »