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Pex Hill 5th Anniversary Open Day – 20th March 1999

A report from 1999 by Geoff Regan, the Director of the Observatory at that time, on the Open Day to celebrate Pex Hill's 5th anniversary. Continue Reading »

Members Observations (Up to December 1997)

Drawings by John Knott Lunar Observations by John Knott, August 1992 – December 1996 Mars Observations by John Knott, March – April 1997 Astrophotography by Gerard Gilligan Astrophotography by David […] Continue Reading »

Members’ Comet Observations (up to April 1997)

C/1995 O1 Comet Hale-Bopp Drawings by Geoff Regan CCD images by Rob Johnson Photos by Tony Williams Photos by Robert Read C/1996 B2 Comet Hyakutake Drawings by Geoff Regan Image […] Continue Reading »