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Astronomy and Space News Roundup: 25th April 2013

Where to look for aliens in the Solar System, what happens when you hit a gas giant with a big snowball, the Horsehead in infra-red, and more… Continue Reading »

Hidden Costs of Light Pollution

As people interested in the night sky, we’re often aware of Light Pollution’s most direct impact on us (indeed it’s increasingly difficult to escape it) but sometimes forget about its other influences too. Animals (including humans) are affected by light in ways which often aren’t obvious until you know about them. The short video below, […] Continue Reading »

New Horizons Probe: Projected Post-Pluto Path

Try saying that with a gob-stopper in your mouth! This is a pretty nice animation made from data of the Kuiper Belt objects which are currently candidates for the New Horizons spacecraft to fly-by after it’s been to Pluto. The source blog post from The Planetary Society with full details is here: If you […] Continue Reading »

Video from 5th anniversary of the Huygens probe landing on Titan

Just over seven years ago, on the 14th January 2005 at approximately 11:30 UTC, the Huygens probe (part of the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn) touched down on the surface of Titan. The video below, released for the 5th anniversary of the probe’s touchdown, is a time-compressed montage of what was imaged as Huygens descended through […] Continue Reading »

iPlayer radio programme about Comets

As alerted to us by LAS website user Brian on our Forums, this week’s episode of the Radio 4 “In Our Time” programme, hosted by Melvyn Bragg, covers the subject of comets. You can listen in your browser or save the file to your computer for listening to on an MP3 player/transferring to iPod etc. […] Continue Reading »

AstronomyCast audio podcast

There’s a great podcast called AstronomyCast which I’ve been listening to lately and I thought you all may be in interested in. You don’t need to have any fancy podcast device like an iPod – the files are just normal MP3s which can be opened on virtually any computer without special software, and also on […] Continue Reading »